Company Form


Company Info tab


Administrator’s documentation (click here)

CRM Extensions Company form Features and Benefits

·          General Company Information

·          Link to parent CRM Company item

·          Track additional “CRM Info” fields for each company

·          Field labels are user configurable

·          Company Type” allows multi-select

·          Custom Fields” provide nine additional user configurable fields

·          Notes” supports user configurable notes

·          Industries” (not shown) supports a multi-select field for Industries

·          Each company may be linked to a “Primary Contact” (pick button)

·          Tab names are user configurable

·          Extensions forms are user customizable:

  • Add fields
  • Add tabs

o        Add functions (database links, etc.)

·          “CRM Functions” options are set on the CRM Options “*Extensions Forms” tab.

·          Company related phone numbers

·          Account Manager” identification (supports CRM Account Management functions)

·          Buttons to launch standard CRM “Actions” for the “Primary Contact”

·          Custom Actions” provide a user configurable list of additional CRM productivity functions (Task for “Next Action”, Copy item, Dial phone, etc.)

·          External Functions” is a user configurable list of custom links to your environment outside of CRM (launch webpage with URL containing data from form, open any file/folder for sales collateral info, etc.)

·          View / Open all Opportunities (and Projects) that are linked to this Company

·          Link additional Opportunities (and Projects) to this Company (pick button)

·          Supports general notes and attachments of related files


Data Views Tab

Administrator’s documentation (click here)

CRM Extensions “Data Views” Features and Benefits

·          Quick access to specific CRM information related to this Company (Journals, Tasks, Appointments, etc.).

·          Filter the displayed list by this Company or the linked “Primary Contact”.

·          View the information with Outlook Views that have been created in the corresponding CRM public folder.  Display any field, four levels of sorting and grouping, and more.

·          Select the specific CRM folder (Radio buttons) you would like to view information for
(Ex. Clicking “Calendar” will display all Appointments related to this Company).

·           Other Folders” provides visibility of related TeamWork WorkFlow items in any of your TeamWork folders or other folders you may have added to your CRM configuration (ex. “Portfolios”, “Inventory”, “Tickets”, etc.).

·          These Views are dynamically user configurable right on this form, just as with views in any Outlook folder (click a column title to sort, drag/drop grouping, add fields, etc.).

·          Double click any row in the display to open the specific CRM item.

·          Perform “mass edits” for displayed items by dragging/dropping between displayed groups.

·          CRM Functions” options are set on the CRM Options “*Extensions General” tab.


Relationships Tab


Administrator’s documentation (click here)

CRM Extensions “Relationships” Features and Benefits

·          Establish unique relationships between your CRM Company records.

·          Picker button makes finding and selecting the company easy and quick.

·          View the related CRM Company by clicking the company link.

·          Define the type of relationship between this company and the linked company.

·          Being able to establish additional relationships within your CRM data can be essential to quickly accessing your data.

·          See also the "Parent Company" type linkage on the first tab to track and view all CRM data related to the Parent Company.