External Functions

(Found on CRM Menu and every CRM Extensions form tab)

Administrator’s documentation (click here)

Extensions “External Functions” Features and Benefits

·          Provides links to the “world” outside of CRM:

  • Internet links
  • Intranet links
  • Display a file or directory
  • Run a program and pass the program data from the form
  • Any data from the form (or linked Contact or Company) may be passed these functions.

·          Examples:

  • Display a stock chart for the Contact’s company (using the company’s stock symbol)
  • Display package tracking information
  • Display internet news service information for the linked company
  • Run an “ASP” web page
  • Launch one of your applications and pass the application information from the form

·          May be run from the “CRM” menu (as pictured above) for the Contact of any selected item (Email from a contact or any CRM form that is linked to a Contact).

·          May be run from the “CRM” menu for the “Active Contact”

·          Also located on each CRM Extensions form (with “CRM Functions”) and, when launched from a form, will use the data from the form it was launched form (including the linked Contact or Company).

·          These “External Functions” are a very unique way to link CRM with your current computing environment.

·          Options for External Functions are set and managed in the CRM Options Manager