Custom Actions

(Found on CRM Menu and every CRM Extensions form tab)

Administrator’s documentation (click here)

Custom Actions Features and Benefits

“Custom Actions” provide access to specialized “CRM” type features for either the CRM “Active Contact”… or… the Contact of the selected.

·          Here are some Examples:

  • Auto-dial the phone using any of the Contact’s phone numbers (using Outlook’s Dialer).  Just select an email from one of your Contacts and select “Dial (Business) to dial the Contact’s Business phone number.
  • View a list of any of the CRM items for the Contact (Tasks, Appointments, Projects)
  • Create a new Journal, Task, Appointment, Opportunity or Project
  • Create a specialized Task or Appointment for the “Next Action” which automatically sets the Subject and dates of these items with the “Next Action” information (saving time and clicks).
  • Launch a TeamScope TeamWork workflow item for the selected or “Active Contact”.
  • Create a new item in any of your Outlook folders (service tickets, etc.).

·          Tailor the list to just the Actions that you will use in your environment.  Simplify list by removing the Actions you won’t be using.

·          May be run from the “CRM” menu (as pictured above) for the Contact of any selected item (Email from a contact or any CRM form that is linked to a Contact).

·          May be run from the “CRM” menu for the “Active Contact”.

·          Also located on each CRM Extensions form (with “CRM Functions”) and, when launched from a form, will perform these “Custom Actions” for the linked contact.

·          These Actions are designed to save time and mouse clicks.  Located on the main Outlook window and on every Extensions form they are always available when and where you need them.

·          Options for External Functions are set and managed in the CRM Options Manager