*Ext General Tab

Administrator’s documentation (click here)

CRM Options for Extensions General Features and Functions

·          The CRM Extensions utilize an additional 300+ options designed to provide flexibility and configurability throughout the CRM Extensions additions.

·          Each option comes configured with the most likely default value to minimize the initial setup required.

·          When multiple selections for a single option are available, a droplist is displayed allowing a specific selection without typing the value (simplifies configuring CRM Options).

·          This “Extensions General” tab contains all of the Extensions options that are general in nature and that do not affect the data that is stored in the CRM system.  This allows this tab to be under either user or central administrative control within CRM.

·          We recommend, for simplicity and ease of learning CRM, that all Options tabs are initially set up under Central Administrative control.

·          This “Extensions General” tab is the only Extensions Option tab that may be set to local control (since it does not affect system data values).

·          For additional information on setting Administrative Options within the CRM system, please reference the CRM help file (conveniently located on the CRM toolbar droplist).

·          For a description of each of the above options please see the Extensions General Administrator’s documentation.