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General Tab



CRM Extensions Journal form Features and Benefits

·          Familiar native Outlook Journal functionality for recording history of your interactions with your “Contacts”.

·          This “General” tab on this Journal form functions just as the native Outlook “Journal” tab.

·          Automatically time your phone calls or billable activities.

·          Reduces learning curve for those familiar with Outlook.

·          CRM automatically links Journals to the Contact.

·          Journals are stored centrally so that visibility is maintained for the entire team.

·          Can be synchronized to your personal Journal folder for use on PDA devices.

·          When working with Journals the “CRM Functions” tab provides most every CRM-like function you may need just one click away (on the second tab).


CRM Functions Tab

Administrator’s documentation (click here)

CRM Extensions Journal Form - “CRM Functions” Tab

Features & Benefits Overview

·          The “CRM Functions” tabs are designed to provide (right on the form) all of the critical CRM type functionality that is relevant when working with an CRM form.

·          Conveniently located on each of the Extensions forms to save time and eliminate clicking around to find the functions you need.  Most features and functions are only one or two clicks away.

·          The layout and features of each of the “CRM Functions” tabs on each of the different Extensions forms are identical to reduce the learning curve, simplify “CRM” type tasks and speed up the usage of the CRM system (convenience and speed!).

·          Each of the fields and functions operate the same, but on the Journal form they are for the Journal and the linked Contact (on a Task they would be for the Task and its linked Contact, etc.).

·          “CRM Functions” options are set on the CRM Options “Extensions Forms” tab.

“CRM Functions” Features Defined

Left Side of Form Above

Right Side of Form Above

·          General Contact Information (compatible with Outlook)

·          May link this Journal to a different CRM Contact (pick button).

·          Launch the Outlook Phone Dialer for the linked contact (phone button).

·          Display linked CRM Contact and Company (by clicking on the labels).

·          Update linked Contact’s information in this Journal (“Update Info” button).

·          View “CRM Info” fields for each contact

·          Field labels are user configurable

·          Journal Type” supports both single and multi-select

·          Custom Fields” provide nine additional user configurable fields

·          Notes” supports user configurable notes

·          Tab names are user configurable

·          Settings for this block of tabs may be set to be the same as your Extensions Contact form, or they may be unique to the Journal.

·          “Created By / Date” and “Modified By / Date” values are tracked.

·          Extensions forms are user customizable:

  • Add fields
  • Add tabs
  • Add functions (database links, etc.)

·          View any of the linked Contact phone numbers.

·          Buttons to launch standard CRM “Actions” for linked Contact

·          Custom Actions” provide a user configurable list of additional CRM productivity functions (Task for “Next Action”, Copy item, Dial phone, etc.)

·          External Functions” is a user configurable list of custom links to your environment outside of CRM (launch webpage with URL containing data from form, open any file/folder for sales collateral info, etc.)

·          View / Open all Opportunities (and Projects) that are linked to this Journal.

·          Link additional Opportunities (and Projects) to this Journal (pick button).

·          Select from a list of standardized Subjects for this Journal. Variables are supported for dynamic field substitution in the Subject text.

·          Insert Text” with templates to standardize notes. These templates are inserted into the “Notes” field on the first tab.  Variables are supported for dynamic field substitution in the template.

·          Specify the “Next Action” and “Next Action Date” for this Journal.  Option may be set to automatically update “Next Action” in the linked Contact.


Billing Info Tab

Administrator’s documentation (click here)

CRM Extensions Journal - “Billing Info” tab

Features and Benefits

·          Record Billable Labor and Non-Labor items for each of your CRM Contacts.

·          Track these Journal charges to a specific Extensions Project.

·          Charges are accumulated at the Project level for future billing or recording of actuals against prepaid labor and non-labor.

·          View the associated Project form (“Project…” button).

·          Options are available to configure the default settings for the following fields:

  • Round up to Increment
  • Billable Increment
  • Hourly Rate
  • Billable Minimum
  • Droplist for Other Charges
  • Standard amounts for each “Other Charge” value

·          Billable time is drawn automatically from the Journal “Duration” value on the first tab (may be overridded by the user).

·          Billable Time, Labor Total and Billable Total are auto-calculated and maybe overridded by the user.

·          Mail an Invoice for this single activity to the linked Contact.

·          Set reminder Task to check up on payment receipt.

·          Fields provided for multiple “Payment Receipts” and “Reminder Email” notifications

·          “CRM Functions” options are set on the CRM Options “Extensions Forms” tab.